Who We Are

Mohkam Enterprises is a well based and strong construction company. Mohkam Enterprises is a coming together of individuals that are highly qualified, possessing sound experience in their respective fields. These individuals, with their expertise and capabilities, have decided to join hands to become a force in the industry. With a long history of building quality projects, the union of all these experts give, Mohkam Enterprises a contemporary approach and an edge over the competition. The unchallenged spirit of Mohkam Enterprises promise to transform the conventional outlook of Pakistan’s construction techniques and to start this change Mohkam Enterprises presents you, The Palm Apartments.

Real Estate Management
Helping you make the best buying, selling, renting & financing decisions with start-to-finish advice, personalized tools, and smart home tips.

Mokhan Enterprises is employing Lean Construction practices on our projects to create a better environment for our employees and partners and deliver better value to our customers.

Mohkam is a Pakistan based construction services company and is a leading builder in diverse market segments. The company has earned recognition for undertaking large, complex projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a difference for their clients, employees and the community.
Environmental management
Mohakm Enterprises believes that a protected environment holds a future for all and is thus committed to maintaining a clean environment and support the environmental program. This creates the ability to operate in a disciplined and sustainable manner over the long term and is fundamental to maintaining a competitive advantage.

Our mission is to achieve success in the completion of projects efficiently and effectively. The key aim being to meet and exceed customer expectation with regards to project management outputs: thus capitalize on the use of project management principles.

Health and Safety
Health & Safety are two of our company’s most important legal and moral responsibilities.
Therefore, we strive to safeguard our employees and the general public, so far as reasonably practicable, from injury, annoyance or risk during all company operations and activities. The outcome is worth the effort, as it maintains our constancy and vision as the top achievers in the construction and development environment.
Mohkam Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd. is working to set a precedent in the field of construction by not only maintaining the standards of services but also by keeping in view the ethics of works. These values are manifesto of our organization where every employee is the ambassador of them and always keen to perform to the best of their capabilities. I believe that it is important to look into our past from where we began. We can only achieve excellence in the future if we measure the success of our past, listen to our clients and take the necessary and correct actions to meet their needs.